Public Personnel Management

In Chapter Seven of the New Public Administration (6th or 7th Ed) by Nigro and Kellough, the topic of Collective Bargaining in the public sector is discussed. I want you to discuss the history of Collective bargaining in both the public and private sector and to look at a real life example of collective bargaining such as TWU and MTA or the NBAPA and the NBA (or any dispute of your choosing) and describe the labor issues and the ultimate resolution.

This paper will be the second of 3 papers required in this class and will be combined as a single paper to be handed in at the end of the semester.


The papers are to be no less than 4 pages in length. Papers are to use 12 point font, and pages are to be numbered. Pages are to be stapled together. Please do not use plastic report covers. Neither cover pages nor the bibliography counts towards page length. Tables and figures can be provided if necessary to support your arguments; they should be placed at the end of the paper.

Citations. Include a bibliography when necessary. Students are to cite sources in a manner consistent with academic honesty policies. I would rather you include many citations rather than too few. As a general rule of thumb, provide a citation for something you did not know before you began your research.

In-text citations and the bibliography should be formatted in APA style.

Note: Wikipedia and blogs are *not* acceptable sources.