Psychology 150

Assignment #1 Psychology in the News #1 Whether you realize it or not, psychological science shows up regularly in your daily life. Typically, this is not through academic, peer-reviewed sources, but through “pop psychology.†Unfortunately, a lot of the psychology we read about in the news is not accurate. Part of this class is about learning to read and respond critically to pop psychology. You’ll begin this process by reading or listening to some reporting on psychological research and identifying key points you learned about in the first few chapters. First, go here: and read or listen to the report. Then, write a brief report (between 2 and 3 pages), in paragraph form, that responds to the following points: 1) Based on what you learned in class, what is the best description you have for the study conducted by Dr. Simons and his colleagues? 2) Briefly describe the topic of the study. 3) Name and define two issues that Dr. Simons and his colleagues found. a. Hint: Look for key words from the first chapters. 4) What were the study’s overall findings? a. Hint: Do the brain-training games in the study help people or not? In what ways do they help or not help? 5) Have you ever used any of the brain-training games described in the article? Has anyone you know used them? a. Which ones? b. What was your impression of them before you read this article? 6) Describe what, if any, way your opinion might have changed. 7) Finally, do you think these games should still be allowed to exist? Do you think there should be any restrictions? Remember to adhere to the formatting described in the syllabus, and make sure the paper is in by the due date!Â