Project Paper

The project can take many forms but must be comprehensive and of significant value to the organization.  The project must reflect and incorporate the student’s identification of mastery of the attached competencies. The student shall identify/incorporate at least 3 of the competency domains.
Below is a framework and grading rubric for the project:

Statement of the problem supported by theory or course content. (10 points)
•    Description of the organization
•    Statement of the problem
•    Organization’s response to the problem

Review of the literature (at least two sources). (20 pts)

Data required that supports analysis of the problem:  demographics, finance, qualitative interviews, etc (20 pts)

Stakeholders involved in identification and resolution of the problem. (10 pts)

Implementation plan: You need not be present in the organization for this portion but you must develop a plan. (20 pts)

Identification of evaluation mechanisms:  (20 pts)

Conclusion:  (10) pts.

Keep in mind that this is 50% of your grade.  Poster presentation guidelines will be distributed.

Quality Improvement and Informatics Domain
Q.1    Assess health care quality and use outcomes measures as a management tool.

Q.2    Apply the concepts and techniques in quality / performance improvement and service excellence

Q.3  Describe the interrelationships between a patient safety and risk management      program
Leadership and Professional Domain
L.1    Assess the basic principle of bioethics and personal and organizational ethics

L.2    Develop and articulate a set of  professional values (e.g., life long learning, integrity, accountability and social responsibility)

L.3 Communicate effectively in oral and written presentations

L.4    Build effective teams and work effectively as a team member

L.5    Integrate leadership concepts and approaches, including influencing/motivating others, resolving conflict, and improving job satisfaction

L.6    Formulate strategies to improve relationships with the clinical staff, unions, the board and employees

Management Skills and Tools Domain
M.1Evaluate governance structure and the roles/responsibilities of board members

M.4 Develop a project that incorporates the basic concepts and tools of project management
M.5 Evaluate appropriate organizational structures/designs and issues involving mergers, systems integration and financial arrangements with providers and vendors

Analysis and Critical Thinking Domain
A.1 Integrate the key concepts and approaches in critical thinking, decision analysis and problem solving

A.2 Conduct an operational assessment and optimize resources through the use of quantitative and qualitative methods

A.4 Apply quantitative methods and evidence from research studies to assist in making management decisions and assessing the quality of patient care

A.5 Apply accounting and financial analysis in making decisions and assessing the financial health of the organization