positive classroom environment

About a page and a half for each of the two parts should be sufficient. Here is the assignment in whole:

For this section, describe in detail how you will construct a positive classroom environment that draws on the diverse backgrounds of your students to meet their needs. Plan should address how you are going to build a positive student/teacher relationship, promote student self esteem, encourage student involvement, build group cohesiveness, and motivate and maintain student behavior. In particular you should provide specific ways in which you will seek to assure equity within your classroom and build on the unique strengths of each student from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs.

You are to use sources other than your textbook to write these sections. You will need to provide concrete classroom examples for each areas in parts 1 and 2. You will need to provide a list of sources you used in APA format.

Part 1.Positive Climate – Directions: You are to write a multi-paragraph essay to explain how you will establish a positive classroom climate that addresses the following areas:
Building Positive Teacher-Student Relationships,
Promoting Self-Esteem and Achievement,
Student Involvement,
Group Cohesiveness,
Motivation/Maintaining Interests

Part 2: Diversity – Directions: You are to write a multi-paragraph essay to explain how you will provide specific ways (strategies, procedures, activities) that you will use to assure equity and maximize learning for all of the following:
Cognitive diversity (Gifted/ struggling)
Affective and Physical diversity
Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligence
Cultural & Language
Special Needs
Emotional and Behavioral
Troubled and Abused children