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You are halfway through with Writing 39A. I want you to reflect in at least two paragraphs(more is better) how you feel you’ve done thus far in the course. In this paragraph, use specific examples from specific examples from your drafts of your assignments. You can also talk about conferences and office hours and the things that we have discussed together, or unpacked together during those times. Use specific examples as evidence. At the end of your reflection, I’d like you to make a statement that reads one of the following ways: "My 39A glass is half-full." or "My 39A glass is half-empty." Then tell me how you plan to utilize the remaining half of the quarter to improve upon your current standing. I can assure you that no student is done or has maxed out his or her potential.

you need include specific details in my own poem and prose about what specific technique i used and learned. And you need to compare my work with Slyvia Plath’s ones.The main goal is to show my progress step by step through my each draft and revision.
The poem was written based on "Sheep In Fog" of Slyvia Plath and the prose was based on "Morning Song" from Slyvia Plath. The followings are the topic of the poem and prose assignments.

Poem:Prompt: Choose one of the poems from Sylvia Plath’s Ariel. Read it three times to yourself on the page. Read it three times out loud. Then sit down and write your own poem immediately after. When you are finished with your poem, I want you to compare and contrast your own poem with the poem of Plath’s that you began with. This comparison/contrast should be at least two full paragraphs, but can be as long as you need to complete it. The poem itself can be free-verse (any style you choose) but the comparision/contrast needs to be free of grammar errors and double-spaced. Post both the first draft of your poem and the comparison/contract in the same document on your e-portfolio under Draft 1 in your Poem section.

Prose: This is fictional writing. Fiction means invented or created. You need to take a poem (a different poem than the one you used for the first major writing assignment) from Sylvia Plath’s Ariel and you need to write a short story version of the poem. Unlike poetry, prosaic writing requires you to bring the entire world to the page. You need to paint us a very clear picture of the world that you’re imagining while reading the poem. You will need to be creative and invent characters, perhaps include dialogue. You’ll need to decide if you want to write this in first person, second person or third person point of view. You’ll need to provide a setting and give lots of details about that environment. What story can you create out of Sylvia’s poem? What fiction can you create from her Truth? You’ll need to include the poem that you chose in the title of your story.

For example, if the title of my short story is "Out of the Ash", I would title my story

"Out of the Ash"

–a short story written after Sylvia Plath’s poem "Lady Lazarus"