Pleasure and Intimacy in the city

I will require research, precedent analysis, site analysis, text reading/ reference analysis, annotated images and analysis diagrams similar to the samples I attached in the below download link and I will need the same quality of writing, research, balance of text and images/ diagrams, quality of diagrams All similar to the samples I provided to improve my grade. The samples have the title of 5.1 and 5.2 so I attached my 5.1 submission in the download link and the tutor comments on it in the last page of the course brief document for the writer/ researcher to help me improve it in my 5.2 submission to reach the quality of the samples. I have attached also my concept ideas for 5.2 submission so the main purpose of this coursework is to strengthen the ideas I have in ‘My 5.2’ PDF with research, text reading, analysis diagrams, precedents analysis and annotated images. I have attached the main text reading for this coursework which must be read by the writer/ researcher but he/she can use any more external references to make the ideas in My 5.2 stronger and up to the quality of the samples.
Therefore, the researcher should read the course brief in the above link and the text reading documents to understand the work requirements then look at the samples provided for 5.1 and 5.2 (this is the most important part as the work should be similar to the samples in quality, research, diagrams, visuals and structure).

The work will be 80 pages (landscape layout, Arial font) approximately 200 words per page (some pages will have a little less) exactly like the samples and every page should have visuals, annotated images and analysis diagrams not just text exactly like the provided samples.

The work should NOT repeat the concept development ideas provided in the 5.2 PDF but it should reinforce the ideas by making them stronger with research, text reading and similar precedent analysis such as (Eduardo Chillida’s Montana Tindaya, Tado Ando work, Tom De Paor Galway Picture Palace, The Cineroleum..etc or any other precedent that relate to the concept development ideas.

The research should also provide a deep analysis of the site and its history while covering the ideas and theory provided in the course brief. I will make the payment once the researcher confirms that he/she can produce a similar work to the samples in term of quality, research, balance of text and annotated images, analysis diagrams, extensive precedents and text reading analysis similar to the samples while addressing and reinforcing the concept ideas for 5.2, the course requirements and the tutor comments on the 5.1 submission.