Placing the Past (changes and developments of gender relation in US history across 20th century)

Please find your best expertised American historist to write a great paper for me. Please pay extremely careful and close attention to the 4-page guidelines sheet I will upload. The writer needs to read throughout the 4-page guidelines sheet word by word, must make sure exactly understand what he needs to do. But pay attention please, the actual thing the writer needs to write is only the last part of the guidelines sheet, beginning from the ” II. PLACING THE PAST ESSAY (150 PTS) “. It is a 7-page essay. The writer must understand the whole assignment from the very beginning, basically every word on the guidelines sheet, in order to know how he is supposed to write this placing the past paper. It is because for the last past four weeks, I have already used your service to ask the writers to write those 4 weekly newspaper reports for me, corresponding to order #21970467, #22043243, #23332162, #24398001 respectively, which means that the first part of the assignment, entitiled ” I. WEEKLY REPORTS (x 4, x 10 quiz points each.) ” has already been finished. I will also upload these four files, named ” Quiz 7 Report 1 “, ” Quiz 8 Report 2 “, ” Quiz 9 Report 3 ” and ” Quiz 10 Report 4 “, which are completed by the previous 4 writers. I want the writer to use these four newspaper reports for this 7-page placing the past essay as said on the guidelines below ” II. PLACING THE PAST ESSAY (150 PTS) “, ” Based on, re-using, and also re-working written material from your weekly research and
Reports, write a single essay that “explains” the changes and developments within the
major theme that you chose, based on the differences observed in the newspaper
coverage, over the course of the period 1910-2000. ” I will also upload all the newspapers we have been using. The writer definitely needs to carefully read over every newspaper I choose, by looking at not only that front page containing article of interest but also the full page of the newspaper as said on the guidelines under the first part ” I. WEEKLY REPORTS (x 4, x 10 quiz points each.) “, in order to get an idea of what these four reports are referring to. If the writer is unsatisfied with these four weekly reports, he can and is encouraged and welcomed to write this 7-page paper based on his insights on all the newspapers I will upload. It is not necessary to use the previous writers’ four reports. I know it is sometimes hard to synthesize other writers’ works, but the reason I am doing this way for this assignment is right now there is not much time left up to due. That’s why I don’t want the writer to worry about the newspaper research process (which is introduced on the first one and two pages of the guidelines) at all. I have already found good newspapers by myself, and I have already handed in those four weekly reports. I want the writer to save time focusing on the 7 page essay due tomorrow morning. One thing needs to pay attention is as the writer can see under ” I. WEEKLY REPORTS (x 4, x 10 quiz points each.) “, there is no weekly report for the period 1981-2000, instead, it says ” incorporate in final draft “. So for the fifth period 1981-2000, the writer doesn’t need to particularly write a report, and I didn’t ask a previous writer to write for this, so the writer just needs to refer to the newspapers I will upload for this section. Of course, the writer must know what questions are answered on the weekly reports: ” 1) After your Name, Section Leader, and Today’s Date, give the Newspaper, Article
Title, Date, and Page for each of the two articles at the top of each single-page
2) What is your overall impression of the full range of major issues in the national
and international world, from the Front Page (especially) and other pages of this
3) What is the “perspective” of this newspaper, on the issue, prominent person, or
event that you are researching, compared with the other newspaper for the same
time period?
4) How do the two articles from this time period compare to the way that issue,
prominent person, or event is treated in the most relevant document in Voices of
Freedom? ”
OK, now, the writer should know we are splitting into five sections, 1910-1920, 1921-1940, 1941-1960, 1961-1980, 1981-2000, chronological order between 1910 and 2000.
The major theme I choose for this paper is gender relation, which also means women’s problems. For 1910-1920, I choose newspapers mainly for women’s suffrage. For 1921-1940, I choose newspapers mainly for women’s employment. For 1941-1960, I choose newspapers mainly for women’s power. For 1961-1980, I choose newspapers mainly for women’s liberation movement. And last for 1981-2000, I choose newspapers mainly for women’s rights and women’s freedom.
I want the writer to know what I want him to write about and the writer needs to adhere to my choice of the theme.
OK, now, please pay attention to the paragraph professor writes to clarify the essay prompt: ” Note, the passage above should be clarified to stress that this paper is about the
newspapers, using Foner for “explaining” the “the changes and developments within the
major theme that you chose.” The changes and developments in the ways newspapers
cover events, persons, or issue, across time, and the differences between the two
newspapers you research for each period, is what you need to explain. Why do
journalists and the public at large discuss issues, persons, or events differently in different
periods? What is the changing perspective on those persons, issues, or events? You use
Foner just enough in each part of your essay to present evidence of the different
circumstances during different periods, that help you explain the way things changed in
the newspapers. So: The newspaper articles are what you will be explaining, and you
will explain on the basis of knowledge of the background (Foner, Give Me Liberty! And
Voices of Freedom) within which you place these newspaper articles from the past
(hence, “placing the past.”) “.