persuasive letter

Write a three to four-page persuasive letter to one of the authors from this unit in which you incorporate one or more of their ideas into a solution of your devising to a current problem of your choosing. (For example, students have written on technology addiction, educational models/homework, medical practices/prescription medication.)

Your essay should include, not necessarily in this order:

a presentation of the problem as well as its causes and implications,

your solution(s) using an author’s ideas from this unit

the advantages of your solution(s) which anticipates counterarguments

and alternative solutions that you find inadequate or unacceptable for a stated reason

All essays must be submitted as a .doc file by the start of class time on Canvas via TurnItIn, a technology that scans papers for plagiarism. Papers should be typed using MLA style, a 12-point font, page numbers and double spaced with 1-inch margins, a thoughtful title (not “Essay”), Works Cited page, and your name. If a paper does not meet the page-length requirements or is missing any element listed in previous sentence, its grade will be reduced.