In this assignment, you will demonstrate

SELF CONCEPT: your image of who you are… strengths, weaknesses, abilities and limitations.

Perceived Self: how you see “you.”

Presenting Self: how you present yourself to others.

Your SELF CONCEPT develops in many ways:
*Looking-glass self: you gain information based on how people
(significant others) behave/react toward you.
*Social comparisons: compare yourself to peers, older siblings, etc.
*Cultural teachings: parents, extended family, religious leaders…

• You will speak about your PERCEIVED and PRESENTING selves.
• You will create a poster board that will serve as a cheat sheet and visual aid to visually present, with words, pictures or both, how you see yourself and how others see you.

• Interview friends, family and coworkers to find out how you present yourself to them.
• Ask them for words that describe you with examples of why they think this word describes you. Ex: “organized” because you always know where everything is in your room and you like to help others around you stay organized.
• Put these 5-10 words on one side of your poster.

• Brainstorm for words describing how you see yourself
• Select examples that help illustrate the above words
• Add these words to your Perceived Self side of your poster. You can include pictures to illustrate the traits you placed on the board.
Ex: The word “Studious” with a picture of books or the library. Then you might say “I take my studies seriously and am pursuing a degree in Nursing.”

• One side = Perceived self Clearly marked/labeled
front of the posterboard.
• Other side = Presenting self Clearly marked/labeled
back of the posterboard.
• Speak for one minute about each side of the poster.
• Thirty second grace period if you run over a bit.
•Practice what you plan to say so you know if you need to add or delete information from the speech to meet the time requirement.
•Show the 5 audience members at the beginning AND end of the speech. Showing the audience does not fulfull part of the 2 minute time requirement.