Peer review

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Background, references, reviewer and reviewee and description are sames as per prevoious essay.
(Use a reflective framework to critically analyse the peer review experience as a reviewer and a reviewee. Provide a written account of your reflections on the peer review process both as a reviewer and a reviewee. You should explore how you experienced and used feedback and consider the implications for your teaching practice. )
* To add on more about as below.
To be described and shown the depth of your understanding of the central tenet of the peer review. Need to be adequately describing and discussing the concept and process structure of peer review. And add to this the qualities, skills and conditions desirable or necessary in performing peer review.
I have uploaded a couple of extra references to make it difference. Comments about too much understanding about CRASP rather than peer review. I’ll add on this new essay to previous eassy and I hope it will work.