patient with hippocampal amnesia cannot image new experience

Format: 2 pages (12 point font; double-spaced) Do not need subheading like summary, purpose in the beginning of paragraph. AROUND 1 PAGE ABOUT Content: + brief summary of purpose, methods, results, and conclusions of the study( Need to mention the figure in study ) + AROUND 1 PAGE Inclusion of your own thoughts on the topic that could focus on : Strengths and/or limitations of research reviewed application to daily life unanswered questions relationship to other topics discussed in class or in the readings, ideas for follow-up research Please note that this paper should be writing specifically and clearly tell the reader how this study works. All need to be your own words, do not just rewording about the study. Do not write same point in power point.

The summary does not need to include every single detail, just the important parts. It is good to be concise and clear about what researchers did in the study and what they found out.

In the personal thought section, you can choose what you want to write. Generally, it is not enough to say that “more work should be done in this field to gain more understanding” because that is obvious and doesn’t demonstrate any insight or understanding of the subject. If you are recommending future directions, it would be better to define an idea that you think is interesting and relevant to the paper, and maybe talk about what outcome you would predict. If you are trying to relate the topic of the paper to other topics discussed in class, then you should describe clearly what their similarities and differences might be. It is good to leave a lot of room in the mini-review for personal thought so you can show that you understand the implications of the article.