Origins and destinies: Immigrantion, race and ethnitcity in America by Pedraza/Rambault

In Origins and Destinies, read as follows:

Ch. 1-2 (required)
Ch. 3-9 Color and Caste (choose 1)
Ch. 10-15 Pre-WWI Waves (choose 1)
Ch. 16-18 Civil Rights Movement/Aftermath (choose 1)
Ch. 19-24 Contemporary Latin/Asian (choose 1)
Ch. 25-35 Contemporary Issues: Immigration Race, Ethnicity(choose 1)
Ch. 36 Epilogue (required)
For each of the seven articles required or chosen, the student will compose 2 questions with references, cite sig. para. from each,define 3 vocabulary words and write a substantive half-page commentary on each. STUDENTS MUST IDENTIFY EACH CHAPTER READOrigins and Destinies: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in America Silvia Pedraza (Author), Ruben Rumbaut (Author)!