operations and process management

You are advised to refer to the Student Handbook on matters of cheating and plagiarism as they relate to coursework, group assignments, class tests and examinations. Both cheating and plagiarism are totally unacceptable and the University maintains a strict policy against them. It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of this policy and to act accordingly.

The University requires that the following statement is included in all module documents.

“You are reminded of the University Disciplinary Procedures which refer to cheating. Except where the assessment of an assignment is group-based, the final piece of work which is submitted must be your own work. Close similarity between assignments is likely to lead to an investigation for cheating. It is not advisable to show your completed work to your colleagues or to share and exchange disks.

You must also ensure that you acknowledge all sources you have used. Work which is discovered to be the result of collusion or plagiarism will be dealt with under the University’s Disciplinary Procedures, and the penalty may involve the loss of academic credits.

If you have any doubts about the extent to which you are allowed to collaborate with your colleagues, or the conventions for acknowledging the source you have used, you should first of all consult module documentation and, if still unclear, your module tutor.”

You will be asked to confirm in writing when handing in any piece of assessed work that it is your own by completing the Coursework Submission & Record Form which should be printed from ECMS My-course on https://mytid.bcu.ac.uk/Default.aspx

It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to accurately complete the form and comply with its rules and guidance as described in the student handbook for this academic year.