of the complexity of the health information environment.

This assignment is designed to enhance the students understanding of the complexity of the health information environment.

Health information was identified in the early weeks of semester as a strategic resource, both in Australia and globally. You task is to:

1. Identify 3 key challenges or issues that impact on ensuring health information remains a strategic resource in the Australian health care system.
2. Describe and discuss these challenges in detail.
a. Your discussion should include why you have identified these three challenges. That is, justify your choices.
b. Your discussion should also include actions for addressing the challenges.
c. You may wish to use examples or real world experiences to demonstrate you points.

• Business report format
• 3000 words maximum length – use of headings and subheadings to structure the paper.
• Proper and consistent academic referencing convention both within the text of the assignment and a compiled list of references at the end of the paper must be provided.