Observation and Theorist interpretations of life span stage

Paper details:

1. Student will observe a child within 6-9 years old completing an activity for about 20 minutes. Using the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, 3rd edition as a reference, the student will be able to document a detailed description of their subject including information on their socio-cultural text. The description of the subject most refer to the occupational therapy practice framework, table 2 and 5 providing a brief history of social- cultural context, make sure to include cultural, personal, physical, social, and spiritual domains. These information should be done in two tables, one will be table 5 ( context and Environment) which would be divided in 3 sections:
the domains(eg. cultural, physical) the second division would be about the mother, what information can you get from the mother of the subject ( based on child’s activity) and last section would be what you observe the child’s doing. keep in mind the observation of the subject will include descriptions of physical traits as well as any behavioral characteristics that make your subject unique, yet that are observable. Table 2(Client factors) which would be divided in 3 sections,the domains that apply to the child’s activity( eg. attention…), your own words definition of the domains used on the activity and last section : what you observe( an active activity the subject did)( very descriptive).( All these information must be put on two tables according to the domains and where they belong to based on the Occupational Therapy Frame of reference. It can’t be in a form of a paragraph.
2. Description of an activity: Select one activity to observe ( must be active) and document your subject’s performance. It’s highly recommended that the activity observe include interactions with other subject in the environment. Do not include with the subject’s performance as you are exclusively an observer and recorder of events. Begin with describing the setting, time of day, and the environment where the activity has occurred. the activity should be very detailed. next describe the subject as he or she performs the activity, use medical terminology ( refer to table 3: performance skills) on the Occupational therapy framework practice) to express your ideas and observations. This experiment is to observe a natural behaviors taking place in natural environment. for example, ” the child is sitting on the floor with legs flexed in lotus position, pelvis is flexed forward almost 145 degrees in order to look at a book on the floor position in front of his legs. The book is upside down yet the child mumbles words as he passes his extended R index finger underneath the letters. …
( Must use the laws of development direction to describe the child’s movements) which includes:
-In a cephalocaudal direction
from proximal to distal
from medial to lateral
up against gravity
3. Using the developmental theories of Arnold Gesell( Biological focus), Jean Piaget ( Cognitive), and Erikson’s psychosocial stages ( social/emotional) select instances of behavioral documented above to interpret the subject. It is not your personal opinion it is based on the theorist I mentioned above and the theorist statement about the behavioral and an interpretation of how theory and behavioral correlate. You must include 1 task behavior in each three interpretation area; this includes biological/physical, the social emotional and the cognitive section, you must include the theorists mentioned above and their theories perspective on the subject documented on the observation.
a) Interpretation of biological/physical status: Discuss one biological/physical observation of your subject in light of a theorist perspective
b) Interpretation of social/ emotional status : discuss one socio-emotional observation recorded on your subject in light of theorist’s perspective
c) Interpretation of cognitive status. Discuss one cognitive observation recorded on your subject and the theorist perspective of this.
4. Discuss how this assignment has influenced your perception of looking at the literature to develop professionalism. PLEASE provide an abstract. Make sure to use paraphrasing and inside text citation.