Nicholson low pressure

1. Abstract – 400 word limit – no critique (40%)

Make sure you write this as if you were the scientists. This exercise is to give you practice writing a scientific abstract.

•Include 2-3 sentences that introduces the subject and the scientific question that the authors are trying to address
• Include 2-3 sentences that describes the results that the authors present
• Include 2-3 sentences that summarize the major conclusions that the authors suggests their works signify.

2. Scientific Critique – 600 word limit (50%)

• Use the criteria and questions described on previous slides to assess whether their data supports their major conclusions; what were the strengths and weaknesses of the paper
•Include a suggestion for an additional experiment that authors may want to do in the future
• Be sure to include a sentence or two on why this paper is important to Astrobiology or its related field (e.g. geology, chemistry ect..)

3. Scientific Inquiry – no word limit (10%)

• Ask two analytical question about the research paper
• Try to ask questions that get to the meaning of the results or conclusions