My Left Foot (1989), by Jim Sheridan

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My Left Foot (1989)

Dir: Jim Sheridan

Develope Intro – Body – Conclusion with clear Thesis

Choose ONE of the following questions.

Cite specific examples from the film to support your position. Analyze.

1. Discuss the transition of Christy Browns character. How does the development of his handicap portray a convincing performance focusing on continuity and cohesiveness. Cite a minimum of three examples to support your discussion. Be specific.

2. Contrast the role of Christy Brown with Rick Blaine (Casa Blanca) How are screen persona and developing a character different in the performances of Bogart and Daniel Day Lewis?

3. Discuss the role of women in the film. How do they influence and inspire Christy’s behavior? How do they challenge the dominance of the typical Patriarchal male?