Mobile Computing

For this coursework, you are required to research the above trend as your research topic

and conduct individual research into it. Your research findings then need to be complied into a

concise report that provides an overview of your chosen topic, its business applications and its

impact/implications for management. You are expected to provide a critical evaluation/analysis

where appropriate. Where possible, provide examples of companies using the technologies, and

the benefits, risks etc. that they might incur.

Your research and your report should place a particular focus on the following.

1. Potential applications and benefits of the selected topic in a business environment.

2. The main issues, risks, challenges etc. that its adoption poses for the management.

3. The key factors (using tools/models/frameworks etc. as necessary) that should be

considered when evaluating its strategic value.

The following are some of the periodicals that you can make use of:

Journal of Strategic Information Systems; European Journal of Information System; Harvard

Business Review; and other relevant journals, conference proceedings or magazines depending

on your topic selection, such as IEEE Transactions on mobile computing or IEEE Software