Minimising Environmental Stressors

10 pages of power point slides.

Structure and flow
Interest in Subject
A description of the problem today in industry
Health problems that may occur
Possible solutions
A internet link (URL) where other students and the course team can obtain further information
Take note of the following

use a big enough font (minimum 20pt)
keep the background simple
use animations when appropriate
make things visual

make it so small you can’t read it
use a fussy background image
don’t over-do the animation – it gets distracting
use endless slides of bulleted lists that all look the same

The 13 PowerPoint Sins you must avoid
• Speaker reading what is on the screen word by word
• Hoping for the PowerPoint slide show to cover your lack of preparation
• Too much on the slide
• We cannot read your slide
• Too many colors and graphics
• Too much motion on the screen
• No apparent reason for using the PowerPoint slides
• Items displayed on slide with no clear relationship to each other
• Using the standard clipart that everyone uses
• Printing in all caps or other hard to read fonts
• Printing the standard slides on the PowerPoint handouts
• Displaying lots of numbers
• Displaying too much detail