Managing Conflict to Create Effective Collaboration

Application: Managing Conflict to Create Effective Collaboration

The authors of the “Want Collaboration?” article (uploaded with the order) identify three strategies for managing disagreements at the point of conflict and an additional three strategies for managing conflict upon escalation. Several of the other resources also address this topic. For this Assignment, assume that you have just assembled a team of subject matter experts from across an organization who have not had an opportunity to work together before. At the kickoff meeting for this initiative, you plan to provide background on the importance of this initiative and how it ties into the strategic objectives of the organization. In addition, you want to emphasize the importance of their collaboration throughout their time together.

You know from the material you have read this week that effective collaboration requires that team members understand that disagreement and conflict along the way should be expected and can be constructive. To that end, you want to share with them several strategies for accommodating disagreement and conflict in their collaboration.

For this Assignment:
Develop guidelines for the team to use to support effective collaboration and manage when conflict and disagreement occur. In a 3 page paper, present your guidelines for collaboration and recommendations for addressing disagreement and conflict in a way that strengthens their respect for each other and their ability to collaborate effectively.

Do NOT include an introduction and conclusion; only discuss the sections listed above. Provide 2 APA resources and use the article uploaded with this order.