Managing Change at Faslane

Need to include Reference list but not include it in word count.

PATCH 3 (33% of total marks and maximum of 1,000 words): Leadership & Strategic Change – Case – Managing change at Faslane (textbook, pages 495-497) – Learning outcomes 2-3
TASK A: Provide a table that presents a brief description and key references of concepts and tools concerning ‘leadership & strategic change’.
Module Guide
TASK B: Applying the above concepts and tools, provide table(s) and/or figure(s) to answer the following questions:
• Describe the change styles of John Howie and Craig Lockhart. • Assess the effectiveness of the change program-me. Discuss its
strengths and weaknesses.
TASK C: Provide an 800-word commentary on TASK B; and a 200-word reflective commentary on the experience of producing this patch and on the contribution of seminar group work to this patch. The reflective commentary should explain the contribution of this patch to your academic and professional progression, and in particular to the development of your intellectual and employability skills. In your reflection, you should also clearly refer to specific group work contributions to your patch. Finally, assess yourself by providing a mark (0-100 scale) against the marking criteria.