Management Consultancy : To what extent is it realistic to expect consultancies to act ethically?

I want the essay to be very CRITICAL specially on the UNETHICAL SIDE OF CONSULTANCY (i.e.consultancy IS UNethical)

Your essay should have at least ten good references but probably more. The marking criteria are below. When writing the essay you should start with the relevant section in the set text (OMahoney 2010) and use the references made there to do your research. You should also seek to find new references (academic) for your own use.
Initial question is critiqued and discussed. Essay structure is explained.
Wide array of references from difficult critical sources beyond that suggested by lecturer. No unsupported statements.
Clearly structured around a logical argument. Each paragraph linked to the other. Question entirely answered.
Clear insightful points in support of a powerful argument. Linked to clear theoretical framework.
Excellent English. No spelling mistakes. All citations referenced in consistent format.