As a group of 5 members, you will form a team of entrepreneurs who are planning to start a new business idea in UAE. There is a sponsor who is ready to award you a sum of 1 million AED to start your project, but they need to see a good proposal behind it. They have asked you to present them a complete business strategy document (folder) specifically (but not only) addressing the following:

What I require is a creative 2000 word paper that includes some flow charts and diagrams concerning the operational features of website that is made for the purpose of providing courier services to customers. Further details are in the paper that is uploaded which is done by my team member for his part. I believe it would be best for the paper to be made by a person with a technical background on the matter.

Team member 3: THE OPERATIONS DIRECTOR Responsible for the operating strategy. How will you operate and what will be your key milestones. What does your project plan look like?