Lowering High Blood Pressure

Purpose of the Program

In general, this program is a intervention initiative that aims to deescalate the prevalence of hypertension among American adults. The idea behind the program was based on the acknowledgment that millions of Americans are at risk of suffering the various conditions that are associated with high blood pressure. The latest government statistics show that one in every three Americans struggles with high blood pressure. This ration translates to 75 million Americans. Therefore, this program aims at promoting lifestyle changes in order to help adults lower the blood pressure and lead healthy lives. The program also aims at helping the affected individuals to cope with the health challenges associated with conditions.

High blood is known to increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. The two are ranked highly among the major causes of death in the United States. This program will provide crucial information and support to help the adult population in New Orleans to deal with the challenge of high blood pressure. Volumes of medical literature on the management of high blood pressure suggests that lifestyle changes are some of the most effective ways of reversing the prevalence of high blood pressure. The program envisions a 60% reduction of the prevalence of the condition in the first eight weeks of its launch.

Target Population

All adults from the ages of 45 and above shall be targeted in this program. New Orleans has a population of 343,829 people according to the census report of 2010. However, the study will target 2000 adults in the first phase because of budgetary and logistical limitations. Both male and female adults shall be included in the program. All the demographic categories shall be included in the program. This shall include all the genders, ethnic groups, socio-economic divisions, religious identities, and other categories that define New Orleans diversity. The population shall be selected through random sampling in order to ensure that adult has a fair chance of being included in the program.

Only adults residing in New Orleans at the time of the study shall be eligible for inclusion in the program. An ideal target population should represent some element of diversity in order for it to affectively cover all the dynamics of the study. The selection of the population should be conducted in a manner that constitutes a representative sample of the whole. In this program, screening shall be conducted to ensure that only those adults with high blood pressure are admitted to the program.

The Benefits of the Program

This high blood pressure management program is crucial for reducing the prevalence of the condition among adults in New Jersey. The rationale behind the program is that the reduction of the prevalence will lower adult mortality rates in New York given the fact that high blood