Linguistics Title: Answer these three questions

1-Some research has suggested an advantage for bilingualism over 
monolingualism. Provide evidence that supports or does not support the 
notion of bilingual superiority. First define bilingualism and then discuss 
its proposed advantage. Give examples where appropriate.

2. What are the effects of age on SLA? Does age of learning make any 
difference? For example, are children better language learners? If yes? 
how and why are they better learners? Give examples where appropriate.

3. SLA researchers have become increasingly interested in the use of 
computers for learning and teaching language. Discuss how this 
computer-mediated SLA different from traditional face-to-face 
approaches to understanding L2 learning and teaching. Consider how 
individual differences might affect computer-based learning and teaching
each question should be 600 words. answer these question according to SLA

Follow these item in doing these answers.
Organisation of the essay described.
Key terms and concepts defined and related to each other.
Supporting reasons/points are relevant and compelling.
Supporting reasons/points are presented in a logical way. They are related to each other and to the statement, and their relative weight is evaluated.
Important evidence and arguments that run counter to the statement are acknowledged and the points raised are adequately handled.
Conclusion closes the essay by highlighting important elements of your argument. 

Formatting conventions followed, style and usage is appropriate.