learning diversity, intelligence and motivation

Part 1B: Summary of learning diversity, intelligence and motivation (about 800 words)
will introduce the concepts of learner diversity in multiple perspective. You will need to write a summary of your understanding of the theories that explain:
1. Intelligence and aspects of intelligence in learners
2. Information processing in learning
3. Motivation as drivers of learning
You need to support this summary with the readings from the text and other supplementary book chapters 3-7 (McInerney et al. (2015). Understanding learning. (Monash Custom Ed). Sydney: Pearson Australiaand ) and articles.

You have to write about learning from the perspective of 1. intelligence 2. information processing and 3. motivation.
Which angle you take from each of the factor of learning is entirely up to you. You might choose to talk about intelligence from Sternberg’s theory and motivation from the sense of Weiner’s attribution theory – whatever you do you are explaining learning using the three factors and theories supporting those factors.