Language access in Latin@ Communities and the effect on Healthcare in the U.S

With respect to your chosen health issue, what is the connection between the individual and social determinants previously identified?
a. How do social determinants impact individual determinants and vice versa? (Note: you do not need to describe how all the determinants are related to the health issue, but can focus on three or four related to the health issue. Ideally, you should describe several pathways by which these determinants affect the health issue in terms of risk).
b. What should public health practitioners do to address the health issue? What could we do to improve lives with respect to this health problem? Do solutions involve changing
individual determinants, social determinants, or both

– using the attached document of the outline;
clarify connection between individual factors and social determinant of health; for example; explain how the individual knowledge, attitude, skills (self-efficacy) relate to their education (their attitude to ward education, willing to study and lear, skill how confident they feel to be able to speak language…) in their health disparities. show cycle of connection.

5. How could a health behavior theory or model be used to address this health issue?
a. Identify one theory that would best address the major factors that contribute to increased or decreased risk for your health issue.
b. Make sure to name the constructs of the theory and adequately define and describe how you would use those constructs to address the health issue. Remember to cite any information sources you use for your ideas.
-Explain each construct how it can solve the problem
– individual level : —-
-interpersonal : —
– orgnizaation and community : campaign for health disparities, wild fire example where not able to notify population due translation problem …
policy level: translator in every school/ pharmacy …