Journal entry (250 words exactly)

The link below is to video clips ‘Angels and Demons’ that will be the focus of the journal entry. You are required to write a journal entry of 250 words in response to the videos.

Please check the marking criteria for the journal entry below:

• Critical analysis and engagement with the material. (Must be):
Exceptional level of critical analysis and engagement with the material

• Written expression(must be):
Outstanding written expression and structure.
Accurate spelling and grammar.

• Referencing (a minimum of 2 references for this assessment).
Faultless in tex, referencing and reference list.

In drafting your journal entry you might consider:

• Were any of your values, attitudes and assumptions about people with mental illness challenged?

• What did you learn about the experience of living with mental illness?

• What needs to change for people with mental illness? (e.g. service system, community perceptions)

Words count:
Must be 250 no more or less
The referencing is not included in the 250 words count

The video link is below: