IT Outsourcing

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IT Outsourcing – what are the challenges and success factors associated with outsourcing? What is the likely success of different types of outsourcing contracts based on research? What types of activities are likely to be successfully outsourced and which are not? etc
Assignment Content
At a minimum, you will need to:
• introduce the topic;
• provide relevant definitions;
• explain the key issues;
• list any benefits or costs associated with issues;
• discuss its impact on IT management;
• drawing any conclusions from the materials that you have read; and
• a conclusion that draws together and reinforces the key points
The assignment requires you utilise different skills:
1. You need to use your research skills to collect data and information about the topic.
2. You need to analyse the topic. Analyse means to break down and understand the components of something. Analysing a topic means to identify the various issues within that topic.
3. You need to synthesise the results of your research and analysis to present a coherent and concise report that communicates the results of your findings. Please note that cutting and pasting lots of quotes does not qualify as analysis and synthesis.