Is e-sports, a sport?

You are required to compile a Research Proposal for
your chosen topic, to be used as the foundation for your research project in RES310.
The Proposal should be written in a report format.Use the following
structure with headings and sub-headings:
2.1 Topic / title
2.2 Purpose/ problem statement of the topic
2.3 Personal motivation and background of
the topic choice
2.4 Significance and justification of the research project
2.5 Main points of argument / threads/ research questions to be discussed in the research project
2.6 TABLE showing list of main points / threads / research questions
with corresponding research methods and methodologies used
2.7 TABLE showing list of primary research
methods used with justification
2.8 Ethical considerations of the project
2.9 Expected outcomes and limitations of the research project
2.10 Personal reflection of the research process so far
3.Conclusion and Recommendations
4.References List
5.1 Primary research tools used
The writing style for the Research Proposal is formal,business writing.
Do not use the first person.
Use full sentences.