iranian – america nuclear del

the parts of the dissertation would have to be as follows : introduction methadology findings evaluation discussion conclusions and recommendations
The dissertation subject is :
The Iranian American recent nuclear deal
These are the quastions that needs to be answered and discussed :
1- what has changed in the american mindset which it has maintained for the last 30 years over Iran that now they believe its time for the deal with Iran ?

2- how will that effect its relations with the usa allies in the region and saudi arabia in particular ??

3- what cards can saudi arabia play to put the usa under pressure and punish it for taking up a deal with iran ?

4- the saudis are the losing party in this deal , what do you think the saudi will do with iran now ?

5- is israel safer after the deal reached between iran and the west ?

6- where does the uk stand in all this and how the uk benefit from closer ties with iran ?

7- do you think iran has used religion as a weapon in iraq , syria , yemen when it supported its ‘shia’ allies with money and arms ??

8- did shia in these countries fell in the iranian trap to acheive its goals ??

9- do you think the syria was part of the iranian deal , in the sense that the iranians asked for bashar alassad to stay the president , and to stop support to the opposition ??

– How did the Iranian regime also change over the years as a result of the embargo embossed on it by the west ?

10 – how do you think the middle east will look like in five years time from today ?

Iranians have relatively won the fight given that they are now a military power in the region .
Iranian regime has developed a network of allies in the region from the muslim shia sector , the reason for supporting the militarily and financially is to cause unrest in the middle east and impose the dominace of the Iranian power through controlling these group because iran is the leading nation for muslim shia around the world in the following countries:
yemen where they have a well equipped and trained separatist millita called ‘alhouthyeen’ , the cause a he unrest on the borders with Saudi Arabia in the southern west of borders and killed three borders Saudi guards just last month .
Bahrain : 70% of the population n Bahrain is muslim shia which is iran’s religion sector , however , the king of Bahrain belongs to the sunni minority in the country which Saudi Arabia is the leading nation in it,, Bahrain hass had demonstrations last year which turned into violence against the sunni rulling family , these shia are backed and supported by iran .
Iraq : 65% of Iraqies are muslim shia , Iraq has been under the shia controlled govement since 2003 , the Americans have set up this govement to run the country , the americans have done iran a great favour by ousting president saddam hussien , which left the country for Iranian influence –
Iran now controls all aspect of political and social life in Iraq .

Syria :
The rulling family in Syria belongs to the alawite secotr which is a branch of the shia sector and that’s why the Iranians have supported presdent assad all along since the start of the crisis in march 2011 , the Iranians will not allow Syria to go out of its influence region .

Lebanon :
Hezbollah who is a militia that fought Israel sine the late 80s till today is 100% supported and backed by the Iranians, they control the political life in Lebanon and are more equipped than the actual regular Lebanese army .
Saudi arabia :
They have a population of 27 million , tow millions of which are muslim shia which are concentrated in the north east province called ‘qutaif’ the city of qutaif produces 80% of the oil of Saudi arabia which represents 10% of the worlds overall production.

So to conclude , iran has got a network of loyal groups armed, sophisticated ,well equipped and strong in the area to cause unrest and impose the Iranian agenda in the region .
Iran has used religion as a weapon to spread its agenda and gain support.
Irans presdent aahmady najad promised to exterminate Israel , this has proven to be a public stunt because Israel would not have sat listening to these serious threats without taking any action .

Thar haj a leader of the future party which is a syrian political party in opposition said :
Consipiracy theory :
30 years of hostile relation between iran and America could partly a public stunt , lets just remember the infamous ‘’iran contra affair’’ where the America was selling iran weapons under the table and claiming to be its worst enemy in public , this tells you why the Saudis made a mistake that could be fatl , will find out the near future , when they thought the us is on their side