Introduction In Wendy Oliver’s chapter on Writing About Dance, she discusses the Feldman method for analyzing dance based on Edmund Feldman’s discussion of how to critique visual art. In this assignment, you will select one dance from the February Dance concert and use Feldman’s four-part method to write a two-paragraph critique of the dance. In the following weeks, you will be developing your skills in writing about and critiquing dance. This assignment is an opportunity for you to practice writing about dance, while also providing essential feedback on how to improve your ability to articulate your views on dance.


  1. Read Wendy Oliver’s chapter on Writing About Dance, paying particular attention to the Feldman method for writing about dance.
  2. Watch the February Dance concert, taking notes as you watch, and select one dance that you would like to write about.
  3. Use Feldman’s 4-part method (description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation) to write a two-paragraph critical analysis of the dance that you selected, being mindful that you will be evaluated on the clarity of your writing, as well as the depth of your analysis.
  4. Finally, proof read your paragraphs as if you were the one grading them and look for spelling and grammar mistakes. Next, read the paragraph out loud to make sure the writing flows and communicates your ideas clearly.
  5. All assignments should be in a PDF, typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font.