International trade law

1-The purpose of the assignment is to apply the Trade Law taught in the module to export or import scenarios of your choosing so that you can demonstrate how Trade Law works in practice rather than just theory. This is different from last year, when the focus was much more from a legal standpoint than a business practitioner standpoint.
2-The ‘export (or import) scenario’ is entirely up to you; perhaps it is a trading activity you would like to do after graduation involving trade between your home country and other countries. I said in class on Thursday that I thought that most students would choose an export scenario . Whichever scenario you choose, it will involve specific countries, types of products, and therefore specific options regarding carriers, banks and insurance companies and therefore Terms and Conditions.
3-I have pointed out that focusing your assignment on a specific scenario makes the assignment easier to prepare and more effective than writing generally about exporting or trade in general.
4- the key documents and laws or regulations covered in the module. In particular the ‘key documents’ are the documents that will come up in any trading scenario.
5-Your paper should in essence follow this checklist for your specific scenario. It should be a business report showing that have investigated the options for your trading scenario and analysed them in the context of the module and that you recommend specific choices given what you have learned in the module.
6-Examples of this investigation in point number 5: You should ‘shop around’ with different carriers and you will get different contracts from them. Is one contract better than other in terms of applicable law, dispute resolution or insurance terms? Another example would be to research financial institutions who deal with Letters of Credit for the countries involved—should you choose one over another? Your recommendations should reflect your choices and the reasons behind them.
7-Although there is more focus on application of the law to business scenarios, the laws themselves should not be ignored, so citing specific laws or cases to illustrate your points is important.