international trade

Critically discuss some of the contracts within the context of ‘law of international trade’ and any proposals for improving the position of an exporter or importer of goods .
choose an importing/exporting company and create a problem that might occur based off of using the following documents discussed in class? For example, I am exporting goods from the United States to Australia and I am having problems with the company who is supposed to deliver my products to the right customers. So, I would use the contracts discussed in class to provide evidence on what is supposed to take place between both companies in each country, then find solutions to improve our situation?
It could be a real or imaginary company and you would have to investigate your shipping options on that route including the key documents. That means looking at carriers who could ship the goods and the documents they would use (and that you would obviously have to agree to). When you read the documents you should tie their terms and conditions to the legal topics we have covered . Do the laws we have taught apply to your case or no? Are things clearly spelt out or are there implied terms? A key point in any paper is are you able to do every thing possible to try achieve success in your shipment and mitigate the risks that can occur?