international student.

the paper should talk about the speech that I attend. the Requirements: Discuss the strengths and limitations of the speaker’s presentational style, organization of content, effectiveness of delivery, adherence to time guidelines, ability and willingness to take the audience into account, relevance of content, and other points you found important. List who, where, when and the topic in the first few sentences but other than that do not focus on the topic covered by the speaker. This must be an in-person observation not viewed electronically. 1 to 2 pages, typed, double-spaced. 1) Topic, place, time, and speaker described briefly. 2) strengths and limitations of organization of content. 3) ways the speaker could have improved. 4) introduction and conclusion to paper, good writing. you have to say in this paper, the speech was at the Utah valley university, and the time was at 2:00 PM. Mack sure the topic about international student.