International Human Rights

Write an essay on ONE of these topics:

1. ‘The level of deference owed a particular right may vary with the importance of the ultimate interests it protects and with the nature of the countervailing interests that oppose it.’ (Harvey 2002, p.370) Assess this claim with reference to EITHER the right to development OR labour rights.

2. What is the relationship between globalisation and promotion of global justice and human rights?

3. ‘Human rights cannot be universal because cultural differences mean there is no universal human.’ Analyse this claim with reference to one or more alternative cultural conceptions of human rights.

4. ‘The human rights regime has been imposed by Western imperial powers as a political and economic tool.’ Discuss

5. ‘The international human rights regime is undermined by state sovereignty’. Analyse this assertion, including assessment of the role of non-state actors in violating or promoting human rights.