Inside Job Film

Inside Job Film
Inside Job is a documentary film directed by Charles Ferguson in 2010. This film is divided into five sections that surveys how changes in the banking practices and policy environment created the financial crisis in the United States. Inside Job is a potent illustration of a film that describes the causes and effects of the financial crisis. The film tremendously dealt with the topic and created insights for a common person to comprehend the reason behind the financial crisis that hit the USA in recent times.
The first part of the film creates insights on how US had a strong financial system in 1930s. During that period, banks were strong and did not mess around with finances. However in the 1990s, the financial institution consisted few giant firms. Many people were granted loans that they could repay and as a result, this affected the country’s economy. Part 11 reveals that, from 2001 to 2007, loans were too high than the banks’ own assets and as a result most banks operated in losses. Part 111 continues to highlight the crisis that followed as a result of banks operating in a billion dollars of loans. The global stock market decreased gradually and unemployment increased to 10%. To sum up, part IV and V show the current status of U.S. The two sections reveals the inputs made to reform the American economy such as top executives from different companies and economists responding in the wake up call of shaping the U.S. economy. However, the film reveals how the American government has not fully reformed its economy despite the European nation imposing strict regulations to do so.

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