In what ways does the tragic story of “Celia: A Slave” emphasize the social, political, and sexual ramifications of slavery during this dark period in American history?

Celia, A Slave, by Melton McLaurin
Paper 2 Instructions
Students will write a 750 to 1000 word essay that answers the question below. Papers are required to have a cover page, with title, include proper in-text citations and include a proper bibliography done in the Chicago style citation format. Paper must include 3 (three) quotes from the book which must be used to support your answer to the question. Quotes may not exceed 3 (three) sentences. Paper should be grammatically correct, structurally sound, and free of typos, or other errors. Papers must be double spaced and written in 12 pt. font with one inch margins. Papers should include a clear introduction and thesis statement, body paragraphs which clearly support, explain, and/or defend your thesis, and a strong conclusion. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from the History tutoring office and/or your T.A. no less than 3 days before the paper is due. Papers are due at the end of class on the day listed in the class syllabus. Late papers will be accepted, after first receiving approval from the instructor, for 24 hours after the class ends. However, late papers will be accessed a 35 point penalty. Paper 2 (two) is worth 200 points or 20% of your total grade. After 24 hours papers will not be accepted and student will receive an automatic “0” for the assignment.