In this discussion, you will develop a framework which will be used to develop your final paper.

You have been hired as a management consultant with specific expertise in leveraging human capital. You have been asked to develop a recommendation for developing a differentiated workforce. The client is your existing organization, a former organization or a fictitious organization.

The first step in the recommendation is to develop a framework which will detail the various aspects of what should be done organizationally: the planning and organizing associated with developing a differentiated workforce, the implementation and how results would be measured.

For example, do they have a strategic vision that differentiates them? Is it communicated so that all employees understand their role in executing the vision in their day to day work? Does the workforce philosophy, behaviors and competencies/capabilities align with the strategic vision: if not, what should be done?

The framework will include the development of a guide or toolkit which your client organization could use to develop a differentiated workforce as a way in which to manage human capital.

The discussion can be used to present your ideas and get feedback, so ask questions of the class to get the help you need!

In Chapter 7, Becker, Huselid and Beatty analyze the American Heart Assn. as one organization which practices the creation of a differentiated workforce. In chapter 6, they propose six principles for strategic workforce measures. Use this information, as well as that found in Boudreau and Noe to serve as a foundation for your work.