In school aged children who are overweight and living with diabetes, what is the effect of regularly attending peer support groups along with visits with a nutritionist compared to not receiving any community support in relation to reducing weight and min


Write the proposal dividing the manuscript into four chapters.
Begin each chapter on a separate page.
Follow APA style conventions.

Include the following structure:
Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
Abstract (no more than 100 words)
Chapter 1: Introduction
Research Question
Identify main study concepts or phenomenon
Conceptual Definitions of main study concepts
Operational Definitions of main study concepts
Hypotheses (if appropriate to study)
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Theoretical or Conceptual Framework
Related Literature
Chapter 3: Methods
Sample and Setting
Identify population
Sampling technique (power analysis, if appropriate)
Subject and Setting access
Projected number of subjects, using power analysis
Ethical Considerations
Instrument(s) or Interview Questions
Description of Instrument
Reliability and Validity of Instrument(s) (Quantitative)
Implementation of study and control interventions
Data Collection Procedures
Chapter 4: Data Analysis
Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics
Data Display: set-up of displaying demographics and expected findings in tables
and figures
Consent Form
Instrument or Interview questions

The criteria used to evaluate the research proposal include quality indicators and structural indicators. Quality indicators include clarity of ideas, development of ideas, relevance of ideas, logical relationships in the content, use of transitional devices, logical paragraphing and a satisfactory introduction and conclusion.
Structural indicators include spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and writing style (word choice and syntax) appropriate to the research subject matter and the use of the APA Style Manual. Additional structural indicators include the traditional parts of research proposals. These include: abstract, introduction, purpose, research question posed in measurable terms, hypotheses (generating or testing), variable definitions, rationale, literature review (relevant theoretical or conceptual bases of research), limitations of study, method, design, sampling, access to subjects/objects, ethics, consent form, procedures for data collection, instruments (reliability, validity, copies) [or interview], use of descriptive and/or inferential statistics, qualitative analysis and rigor, and projections about the dissemination of research findings.

*This is a QUANTITATIVE research proposal
*Students locate a minimum of five (5) studies related to their research question. Articles must be scholarly empirical literature published within the last 5 years