In order to meet the objectives of this unit, complete the following tasks: Complete the following readings: Chapters 13-16 in your text. Appendix 4 in your text. For each chapter, read either the sample article at the end of the chapter, or a similar article you have found from your own field, or one of the articles from that chapter suggested here: Case Studies (Chapter 13): Distinctive features of schools in multiple deprived communities in South Africa Leadership in professional learning communities Ethnography (Chapter 14): Multi-sited global ethnography and travel Talks, texts and educational action Narrative (Chapter 15): A narrative inquiry of women’s lives in Mugu, Nepal Narrative of an Early Childhood Cello Teacher Narratives from the online frontier Historical (Chapter 16): Principal leadership Dynamic social norms and the unexpected transformation of women’s higher education Remaking the image Respond here to the tasks outlined for this unit: Provide the references for the four articles you read for this unit, as described in the “Study Plan.” Provide a summary of the research question or hypotheses, methods, and findings for each study. Using the questions provided in Appendix 4 in the text, fully evaluate one of these articles. Provide short answer responses to all 20 questions listed in the appendix. If a question does not apply, state why it does not apply. All the articles and questions are in the materials. Only one article can be selected from each chapter.