Implementation of the IOM Future of Nursing Report

In a formal paper of 1,200 words you will discuss the work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative on the Future of Nursing and the Institute of Medicine research that led to the IOM report, “Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.” Identify the importance of the IOM “Future of Nursing” report related to Nursing PracticeNursing Education and Nursing Workforce Development. What is the Role of State-Based Action Coalitions and How do they advance goals of the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action?

Explore the Campaign for Action webpage (you may need to research your state’s website independently if it is not active on this site):

Review your state’s (FLORIDA) progress report by locating your state and clicking on one of the six progress icons for: Education, Leadership, Practice, Interpersonal Collaboration, Diversity, and Data. You can also download a Full Progress Report for your state by clicking on the box located at the bottom of the webpage.