Hybrid cars versus Regular Gas cars

Compare and contrast essay subject:hybrid cars and regular gas cars include in text citations. Please be carefull with comma splices, as my professor is really serious about this and takes off a lot of points. The third essay for this semester is a compare/contrast essay. The topic is your choice of an environment/nature that has changed and what this change has meant. Compare and/or contrast example: In the United States all children go to school: boy and girl, rich and poor, colored and non colored. In Africa, one in three children does not go to school, and two thirds of the 40 million non-attenders are girls. Why? There are three specific reasons this is true: tradition, poverty, and water. The requirements for the paper are: 1. 3-5 pages 2. minimum of 1 outside source (you may use more) 3. In-text citing of source(s) 4. Work(s) Cited page 5. 3rd person POV 6. Follow all MLA formatting requirements: double space 1″ margins page numbers proper heading 7. Fully developed introduction 8. Fully developed body paragraphs: remembering PIE (point, illustrate, explain) 9. Fully developed conclusion