Human resources

instructions: Human Resources
I would like to see you elaborate a bit more so that I can verify your understanding. Additionally, all information that is not your original thought must be cited both in-text and with a reference page.
1.Discuss the future trends of hospital unionization efforts and how the hospital should be prepared to confront these issues. What departments are the most vulnerable to union attack and what can the organization do to manage these areas?

Must be 100 words or more for question 1

2.Describe and discuss the three most important legal issues in human resources management. What will you do as a manager about the three issues respective importance?
3.Relate the concept of a union-free work environment to professionalism, and describe how professionals can accept the concept of unionization. What might you do as a senior healthcare executive to address this professional inconsistency?
Must be 150 words or more for question 2 and 3