How is Section 8 Funding being misused which affects homelessness

Individual Assignment: Three-Page Literature Review for Week 6
Please use the Individual Assignment: 3-PP Literature Review with special attention to the Literature Review Guide contained in it to write a three-(3) page individual literature review on your research topic. Be sure to include at least 10 articles in your review and follow APA format for your citations.
You may use many of the research articles your group has gathered in your library searches (meaning that there will be probably quite some overlap among you in terms of the literature you include in your review).
Please model your literature review after a traditional scientific research article. This means that your literature should funnel nicely into a justification of your final research question. Those reading your review should understand (1) why you consider this topic to be a problem worthy of inquiry, (2) what relevant research has already been conducted on this topic (and thus, what is missing), (3) how past research leads your particular question, and (4) how your question intends to address current gaps in the literature.
Your instructor will use the Individual Assignment: 3PP Literature Review Grading Rubric to grade your review.