Firstly, choose who is doing the crime? Individual or the group? Note that the current topic only includes ‘organised crime groups’. If you prefer to change the topic to ‘individuals’, or if you prefer to change it slightly in any other way, please let me know as I can still change the topic of my dissertation slightly.

Contents should be something like this:
– Introduction
– Definition of cybercrime (what is cybercrime?)
– Define focus that I am taking in this essay – define cyberpiracy precisely and what I am going to include and not into my dissertation (cyberpiracy is a very large topic and I might need to narrow it down)
– How the law currently is (existing law in particular jurisdiction – criminal law and civil law (protection) and ethics and regulatory requirements in companies. Even though this is criminal behaviour, you can choose different responses to this, not only criminal law, but also preventative measures).
– How the law needs to change (Or maybe the law does not need to be changed but implemented? Or maybe the law is not the issue but technology or policing or resourcing? My own suggestions).

Tips and what to include:
– Use example/case study to show how can something be criminalised or not depending on how the law has been framed.
– Look whether legislation for similar real crime will work.
– Europole issued an online organised crime assessment and basically trying to assess the threat and number of gangs involved – so this issue is high up on radar of Europole.
– Richard jones – criminology – cybercrime
– Range of potential legal responses – supplementing criminal law – code of ethics in the course of employment. The most robust response is criminal law but there are also other potential responses.
– Scotland and england are pretty comparable with recent developments of cyberpiracy
– European commission – the UN ODC.
– Scotland the EU are similar in their cybercrime policy.
– Draw in UN recommendations.
– Look at US cases?
– Bring in the organised crime legislation.
– Group – less concerned with what they are doing, more concerned with who they are. Hence the law does not need to be tackling piracy but tackling groups and group behaviour.
– Piracy perpetrated by groups.
– Bring in the way we deal with organised crime groups as well as the way we deal with cybercrime.