Holistic management

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Examination Questions:
1. Christopher identified in Holistic management: Managing what matters for company success, six threatening trends impacting the ecosphere and the biosphere. Pollution of air, land, lakes & rivers and oceans on a world-wide basis was one such threatening trend. Name and briefly describe three of the other five threatening trends identified by Christopher.
2. Using the five lessons learned identified in the story of the proposed selling of Hershey Chocolate as the context, compare the different concerns and impacts that shareholders and stakeholders have on business decisions.
3. Wilson & Sasseville in Sustaining Environmental Success: Best business practices from industry, proposed 9 major elements of an environment management system. Name and describe 4 of the 9 major elements.
4. Compare mandatory and voluntary business practices impacting sustainability.
5. Savitz & Weber in The Triple Bottom Line: How today’s best-run companies are achieving economic, social and environmental success, advocated an extensive list of business functions linked to the sustainability movement. Identify the elements of this list and, in one summary sentence each; describe the environmental focus of each identified business function.
6. Wilson & Sasseville in Sustaining Environmental Success: Best business practices from industry, proposed 6 basic steps in planning an environment management system. One of those steps involved developing an environmental policy.
a. List the other five basic steps advocated by Wilson & Sassevile.
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b. Select one of these five other basic steps and describe some of the factors you should consider in planning for this particular step.
7. Summarize strategies and practices businesses use to improve sustainability, for example, pollution prevention. List at least two additional strategies and practices that help businesses improve sustainability.
8. Identify barriers to implementing and maintaining a sustainable business plan.
9. Describe methods to systematically measure and monitor sustainable business practices.
10. Outline management strategies to develop a business culture of sustainability.