historical costume report

Report on Claude Monet (1840-1926) whose work shows many examples of the dress of a period. You may focus on a few works or on the artist’s body of work as a whole. Please include examples of specific works, (1-3 images,) in your report.


*Require traditionally published sources in the form of books or articles from reputable, scholarly publishers. 
*You may wish to begin your paper with biographical information about the artist, however, keep in mind that every person writing on that artist is including the same facts in their bio. Keep it brief and try to put it in your own words. What is important about the artist\’s life story?
*You may choose to write about the artist\’s entire body of work or select a few to discuss. Do you want to select the most famous, oft-seen pieces in the artist\’s collection? Which works demonstrate most potently the artist\’s connection to fashion?