Highway and Traffic Engineering Project

Design a section of the road as shown on the drawing between the B.O.P. (station 1+010.454) and Station 1+500 (in meter). The road should be within the limit of the right of way (blue lines). A drawing of Legend and Typical sections are also attached for your information. The design speed is 45 mph.

The original design (horizontal alignment and vertical profile) in your section was deleted for you to redesign it (you may design on the original plan). Your main task is to finish the following work (show all your calculations in addition to providing a set of design drawings. Use either metric or English units as you like.):

Design typical cross sections (both for straight sections and for curve sections with superelevation). The road is a two lane highway; each lane is 12 ft wide.
Design horizontal alignment including curves in your road section. Design horizontal curves and provide curve information including stations of PC, PI, PT, and ?, T, L, and R. Check minimum radius.
Design vertical profile including vertical curves in your road section using the formulae or tables given in the class. Design vertical curves including stations and elevations of PVC, PVI, PVT, lowest (for sag curve) or highest (for crest curve) point, and determine g1, g2, and L.
Drawing cross sections for every 100 meter, but must have one in the middle of the horizontal curves since the finished cross section is different duo to super-elevations.
Calculate earthwork assuming the shrinkage factor = 15%.
Summarize your design and write a report, with attachment of all the calculations and drawings.

Erase information on the drawing if they are not useful to your design. The drawings are as below:

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