health Scandals and Crises in Ontario, Canada (2000)

Worldwide organizations are implementing health information systems. The ethics of organizations which are implementing health information systems has become a public concern with the recent spate of eHealth scandals worldwide. This has also been the case in Canada. For example, in 2009, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporters broke a news story about what has been referred to as “the Ontario eHealth scandal” (see and a potential scandal brewing in BC ( project-faces-delays-ndp-1.1768787). Since some of these stories have been written, the Ministry of Health in BC has continued to be criticized in the press for eHealth issues. Increasingly, in the information technology management literature there has been a trend towards organizations which work in the eHealth space to behave ethically to ensure taxpayers monies are spent judiciously andleadtotheimplementationofsystemsthatresultincostsavingsforthe healthcare system.

In 2015, a new incoming CEO of a BC Health Authority has hired you as a consultant. He has asked you to provide the following:
– An in-depth description of the eHealth scandals and crises that have affected eHealth Ontario since 2000. Include information that you have found on the WWW from news agencies, newspapers, blogs etc. as well information from government reports and the research literature. Be sure to provide an overview of each scandal including the similarities and differences between those that have been published in the media since 2000.
– We know that such crises can occur in any organization. Describe some of the systems, procedures and processes that have been put in place by the Ontario government and previous CEOs that have lead eHealth Ontario to prevent such crises.
– what are some systems, procedures and processes that could be put in place to prevent future eHealth crises? Provide rationale for your answers and describe how your suggested systems, procedures and processes would have prevented crises that occurred in the past. ?
paper is to be no longer than 5-7 pages single-spaced in length (not including references or cover page). ?To earn a high grade, you must ensure the paper:
• Is comprehensive, systematic, organized and meaningful
• Use multiple sources of information
• Provides rationale for your thoughts and recommendations
• Identifies the sources you used to write the assignment as per the referencing format ?guidelines
• Is professionally formatted and structured for effective communication containing no spelling ?and/or grammatical errors